2015 Audi Q8 Review

One of the leading models from the German company will once again all our delight. It is a model 2015 Audi Q8 that will be on all the characteristics fail to meet the criteria of potential customers and all our real because everyone loves this model. Take a look at what are the characteristics related to this model. But let’s move on.

In the following text we will try to give you closer to this model as far as possible. We will not mention too many details for the reason that has not odradjeno testing but it will soon take care of when it comes to this model is superior appearance inside and out.

2015 Audi Q8 side

2015 Audi Q8 Concept design

Head of Audi research and development Ulrich Hackenberg confirmed that the Ingolstadt manufacturer to launch a model 2015 Audi Q8, which will of course be based on the new Q7, and which we will have the opportunity to meet very soon with respect to its premiere scheduled for the Detroit auto salon in January next years.

2015 Audi Q8 inside

The formula according to which will be designed Q8 is already well known, but suffice it to say that the raita on the competitor to BMW’s X6 model and the Mercedes MLC-in. Also, this would coupe SUV line should borrow certain design features with the newly-introduced concept Prologue, which will be further distinguished from the Q7, which will be one of the last representatives of the old design.

2015 Audi Q8 rear seats


Let’s say, and how will this model based on the second generation MLB modular platform which will result in a mass base model less than two tons and total length of over five meters. Motorization will also be largely transferred from the new Q7, ie customers will be offered a couple of V6 and V8 turbo petrol and diesel engines. Ultimately, one can expect plug-in hybrid, and maybe even an electric version.

2015 Audi Q8 suv

2015 Audi Q8 Release Date

Hackenberg also said it is by giving the green light to the project and the expected duration of the development process realistically expect this model on the market for about three years. Worth to say and how will this luxury crossover play a crucial role in expanding the Q line would still have to be stretched to Q1, Q2, Q4 and Q6. According to these estimates, cars, or SUV/crossover will soon be doing about 40% of Audi sales, or at Audi expect to sell about 800,000 SUVs annually.

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