2015 Audi Quattro New Concept Design

In the last few years we have had several variants of Audi Quattro models. So this time, soon to be a new concept 2015 Audi Quattro. There have been various speculations to be dropped from the new model, however, is not true. In order to refresh dozajna and the driving force. We’re not here to give you detailed information on the new project, but only partially and to give you a guide to what will desavti. It also refers to a previous model and in this way you will be able to see roughly what it could be happening.

2015 Audi Quattro side

2015 Audi Quattro Concept

Audi has in the last few years introduced a couple Quattro concept models that have attracted great attention of car lovers, Quattro Sport Quattro 2010 and 2013, but since then about this project was not a lot of words, especially not from official sources.

However, now comes the news that Audi has not given up on Project Quattro. DAAC, the new head of Audi design Marc Lichte claims to be working on a new Quattro lasts and is also added to the Audi preparing a new radically designed and completely different electric model.

2015 Audi Quattro rear

Lichte added to future Quattro should be more extreme than the presented concept model and how it is working on such a solution designs. Also, Lichte said and how we can expect many surprises, and the same applies to said electrical model. In addition, this electrical model will be based on the MQB or other existing, but the entirely new platform.

As you can see, these guidelines suggest a new platform that will enable a new path when it comes to the new concept. The design will remain recognizable with some minor changes. What are the changes that we have yet to find out. Some of the images that you see are mainly related to its predecessor, which indicates that this new model could look like.

2015 Audi Quattro grill

Like some of his predecessors, and 2015 Audi Quattro model will lead in preserving the environment. Companies are increasingly working to make each successive model is the one that will minimally affect adversely the environment and of course to have reduced emissions as well as consumption. As we have already mentioned that this vehicle model gets a new 2015 Audi Quattro concept, but certainly we can not say now whether it will be for one or a couple of years, generally will not be a long wait for his arrival.

2015 Audi Quattro front grill


When it comes to me, he will move to price in the range $38,650 and $114,200. The difference is as you can see big. This difference is the result of certain software models and model depends on several things. From the strength of the engine. consumption, interior accessories and the like.

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