2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen Release Date

Probably one of the main themes of the vehicle Hydrogen. We have already had the opportunity to see some of the model among other things, this. This time it comes to the 2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen to potential customers and enthusiasts in many ways fascinate. We’ll see which features associated with this model.

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen cars

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen Design Concept

We have already reported you earlier that the BMW and lines, in addition to models i3 and i8 certainly be expanded, and the first candidate certainly 2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen. Now we find out as the i5 would very likely for your drive should korisitti fuel cells, and considering the cooperation of BMW and Toyota are many readily concluded that the i5 actually take the driveline of the Toyota models Mirai.

Thus, i5, with what will become the third model line in and, in this family of BMW’s family introduce a third type of alternative drives. In fact, currently offers electric and plug-in hybrid models.

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen hydrogen

More specific technical data are not known, but recall that the Mirai sedan driven by fuel cells and autonomy of about 500 km. This model will be up to 100 km/h speed up to about 10 seconds, and for refueling hydrogen it needs less than five minutes.

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen inside

Engine performance

When it comes to the driving force of the vehicle here will be a lot of work on this issue, for now there are no details that raspolazeno because everything is in the testing phase. The 2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen vehicle with this engine will not have cheap fuel. What is important to say is that it must take into account the extent to which the vehicle will not exceed a certain mileage.

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen Price and Release Date

Let us add that will be peace in the Chinese market in the first half, while the European markets should begin to arrive late next year. It is estimated that in Europe the price of the car to move around $62,357, while the 2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen performance should certainly cost more, but it is not known if this Bavarian should be made available to customers. However, it is expected that the i5 the market by 2017. The realization by many sources can be expected 2020 years. Overall then, can we expect the realization of many vehicles.

2015 BMW i5 Hydrogen

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