2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen Concept

Enough talk of Hjdrogen models, we had a few months ago that Toyota company unveiled its concept and now something new. 2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen a model that will break a lot of leg and we’re here to provide accessible information and getting as close as possible to the existing model. We see that the resulting rights trkakad it comes to Hydrogen models and now we will see just some of the features of the much greater detail we will hear something later.

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen rear

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen Design

Honda has presented the conceptual model 2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen, car fuel cell, which uses hydrogen. This is an evolution of last year’s FCEV concept, and form the car is now closer to the standard version, which can be expected for several years.

It is interesting that the Toyota FCV used label for its fuel cell vehicle, but in the meantime has confirmed that its production model with this drive to use the name of peace when it arrives in showrooms next year. Honda and Toyota believe that hydrogen has great potential as an energy source of the next generation, as it can be obtained from various sources, and it is easily transported and stored.

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen interior

We have dedicated internal and external design. Not yet shown the interior. for now we’re just talking generally about the concept and what he could bring in terms of driving forces. In some of the pictures you can also see how the car look a little later we will pay more attention to and the design.

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen seats


Cars with fuel cells are essentially electric vehicles that use hydrogen cells to produce electricity that recharges the drive motors. The fuel cell in the new 2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen is less by 33% than in the model FCX Clarity, but the power of the system was increased to 136 horsepower, and the energy density is 3,1kw per liter. This means that the performance is increased by about 60%. Honda has announced that tankage for hydrogen vehicles allows autonomy of over 700km.

Filling the tank takes about three minutes. Honda has presented the concept of an external device which pulls current from the 2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen, which allows the car serves as a small mobile power station that produces electricity for different purposes.

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen exterior charger

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen charge in

Release Date

2015 Honda FCV Hydrogen car will be the successor to the Honda FCX Clarity, which is expected to be on the US market to be launched in 2016. The US has so far sold more than twenty copies of the FCX Clarity.

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