2015 Mercedes Maybach S Review

As previously announced the publication of official teaser Mercedes at the Motor Show in Los Angeles officially introduced its current high-end luxury saloon. More specifically, it is the official name of the car 2015 Mercedes Maybach S. We have some information that may serve you and that you will in any case be used primarily to those who have not had the chance to go to the fair vehicles.

2015 Mercedes Maybach S

2015 Mercedes Maybach S Concept

So, with this car Mercedes Maybach revitalized the name that will be so again carry only the most luxurious family members of the Stuttgart manufacturer. More specifically, this is the S class extended by 200 mm, or her overall length is 5453 mm, and all the extra almost went to the wheelbase which is now a gorgeous 3365 mm.

Outside visual difference compared to the standard S class with extended wheelbase does not have much, or we can specify only a minimum modified and polished bezel engine label Maybach and the fact that the rear pair of doors shorter by 66 mm in order to create additional space for the third side window which is now part of the so-called C-pillar.

2015 Mercedes Maybach S roof

As expected most of the amendments relate to the interior of the car, and above all, there is an additional legroom to enjoy excellent and very adjustable and comfortable so executive rear seats. However, the rear seats are just one of many details, equipment not enumerate that distinguish this car from the rest of the Mercedes offers. Also, note that the Mercedes-Maybach Mercedes S Class quietest car in the world which is due to the special operations on sound insulation of the passenger compartment.

2015 Mercedes Maybach S inside


In the beginning, this car will be sold only in the performance of S600 which will run bi-turbo V12 6.0 power 390 kW or 530 horsepower and maximum torque of 830 Nm, but later would offer should be extended performances S500 and S400 4Matic. The first will be installed bi-turbo V8 4.7 power 455horsepower and torque of 700 Nm, while the other will run the 3.0 V6 turbo power 333 horsepower and maximum torque of 480 Nm.

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