2015 Nissan Teana Review

The new 2015 Nissan Teana is an elegant machine that has all the features of comfort, elegance, speed, pocket friendly prices and exquisite design. We are going to go through the above features of this brand new car and some more that make this car a must have in your parking lot.

2015 Nissan Teana side

2015 Nissan Teana Design

The first impression one gets from looking at 2015 Nissan Teana car is its sporty and elegant look that inspires the soul. The Teana has an imposing presence thanks to its character lines that extend from the front face to the rear of the car. It also has canted headlamps that suggest a piercing look of the eyes. The car comes in six exterior colours including waterfall blue specifically for this car, aluminium wheels to give it a sporty ride, fine vision meter display.

2015 Nissan Teana rear


When it comes to comfort, this car is the master. It has a large leg space to allow for stretching during long rides, air conditioned front seats to regulate the temperature of the car, noise and vibration are highly reduced thanks to an enhanced body rigidity of the car. You can also have an easy conversation with your buddies thanks to improved sound absorbing performance of the car.

2015 Nissan Teana interior

Safety of 2015 Nissan Teana

To enhance safety, the car has around view monitor 360 degree view of the car, it is also equipped with moving objects detection that is helpful when parking. Blind spot warning helps in detecting cars in the next lane which helps the driver avoid collisions when trying to change lanes. The car also has lane departure warning that alerts the driver when he unintentionally drifts out of his lane.

2015 Nissan Teana inside

Engine and Fuel Consumption

The twin C-VTC engine provides the driving power to 2015 Nissan Teana car. It is strong, powerful and matches other engine conditions, at the same maximizing on engine efficiency thus providing a smooth drive. It provides accurate acceleration that makes it king of the road when overtaking slow driving cars. The vehicle also excels in fuel consumption at 14.4 km/L.

2015 Nissan Teana


Highly reduced frictional resistance of up to 40% due to improved or newly developed parts. The engine is fitted with X-CVT that enhances fuel economy and acceleration. Compared to the previous models, the body weight of this car has been reduced by 40 kg leading to improved acceleration.

In general, 2015 Nissan Teana car offers the best in terms of safety, high performance due to its improved engine, world class comfort and its exquisite design

2015 Nissan Teana Release Date and Price

This car was released on February 5th 2014 with price offer ranging from $22,354 to $28,010 depending on the variety one desires. 2015 Nissan Teana comes in 3 variants; 2.0 XE, 2.0XL and 2.5XV.

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