2015 Volkswagen XL Sport Concept

Once we dreamed about SUVs amazing designs and now they are in front of us. 2015 Volkswagen XL Sport is just one of those models that will win you over at first sight. Last year, Volkswagen introduced the XL1 and announced the future of the auto industry. We will try to bring you closer as possible this vehicle. We will start with some general characteristics until the driving force.

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport

This concept is difficult 890 kg, and in order to obtain maximum speed mentioned, Volkswagen had to improve aerodynamics. 2015 Volkswagen XL Sport is 4,291 mm long, 1,847 mm wide and 1,152 mm high, which makes it slightly larger than the XL1 and the Italians took care of a few details. Spoiler were so taken with the Lamborghini Aventador and the entire cooling system did Ducati. Two Italian houses have also modified the suspension and until the shell is again made of carbon fiber for lighter materials. Design-wise the biggest changes are in the form of bumpers and 18-inch alum while the interior remained largely the same compared to the XL1.

Volkswagen promises still more standard equipment and a few performance details, such as speed Cruise and oil pressure gauge. For now it is unknown whether this car will enter serial production, but we will mention that they could hear the same story at the expense of XL1. Said car is sold out in record time, and the chances for serial production yet realistic. But if that happens, expect limited sales and price performance in the style of the car.

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport rear

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport inside

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport seats

Engine and Performance

This electric diesel was offered a combined consumption of only 0.9 liters 100 km, but with only 68 horsepower under the hood could not boast of some performances. Specifically, acceleration to 100 km/h were 12.7 seconds while the top speed was only 160 km/h. Help is on the way at this year’s Motor Show in Paris, Europe’s largest vehicle manufacturer unveiled 2015 Volkswagen XL Sport concept. This car is not only the 200-million vehicle ever produced by Volkswagen, but also provides a centrally mounted engine, rear-wheel drive and V-Twin engine, which is also the most powerful engine of two cylinders in the world.

2015 Volkswagen XL Sport rear grill

For something made sure Ducati, who is a member of the Volkswagen Group since 2012, when his owner became Audi. It is the engine borrowed from the 1199 Panigale Superleggera, which develops an impressive 197 horsepower at 11,000 RPM and has a top speed of up to 267 km/h, which is obtained by the fastest car in the world for its strength. Acceleration to 100 km/h is also an impressive 5.7 seconds, while the sole transmission as optional seven-speed DSG automatic transmission. Although XL XL1 Sport-based, however, the two cars are different in some characteristics.

Release date and Price

The realization of 2015 Volkswagen XL Sport vehicle is expected during this and next year and the price of this vehicle will be about $ 250,000. This is the price you will have to pay to enjoy in one such vehicle.

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