2017 Golf Volkswagen Release

There were new information regarding the model 2017 Golf Volkswagen that will experience some changes. Although the Golf VII is still relatively young car with only two years of service in the market he will certainly get a successor. We’ll see what it’s been announced and what is expected of a new vehicle.

2017 Golf Volkswagen rear

2017 Golf Volkswagen Design

British Car Magazine reports that will be the design of the next model Volkswagen kept so far very successful formula that assumes small generational changes and a higher dose of conservatism and restraint. In other words, the eighth Golf design will be an evolution of the present without major changes, and the larger the changes and innovations that will be on the technical side.

2017 Golf Volkswagen side

Although it should be noted that the larger changes in Volkswagen chassis to be done every two cycles, or every 12 years. Thus, the novelty will also be based on a modular MQB platform, but its the improved version of something less. The same goes for the construction of a car which will enable a variety of finishing higher stiffness and a little less weight. Also, Volkswagen intends to make significant improvements and various safety and infotainment system.

2017 Golf Volkswagen interior


We have come to what is hiding under the hood and it is very important for every potential customer and generally anyone is interested. Here we will really have something and to give the information. So let’s go on. With a rich equipment, which for example, should include standard LED lights etc. One of the main advantages of the next Golf will again be his motorization, which, according to the aforementioned source, depending on the market, you should do the following operating machinery that is enough. The engine of the 1.0 TSI with its 3-cylinder can make 111 hp with a torque of 200 Nm. Volume 1.4 TD engine with a 3-cylinder 106 hp with real torque 249 Nm still have a 1.2 TSI engine with 111 hp and 175 Nm. This not the end because the engine 1.4 TSI 152 hp with 249 Nm. Starting with the genuine 1.8 TSI make 192 hp and 320 Nm. Engine power of the 1.6 TDI is able to make 111 hp and 249 Nm. Let’s go with a more powerful engine than the 2.0 TDI make 152 hp and torque of 340 Nm. Also, the engine of the 2.0 TDI 192 hp straight and 399 Nm.

2017 Golf Volkswagen engine

Also, the range can expect hybrid and electric performance, as well as the GTI and GTD versions. These latter two should rotate 2.0-liter TSI or TDI engines which will develop power of 235 hp and maximum torque of 370 Nm (TSI) and 225 PS and 450 Nm (TDI). Later, to re-offer could be extended to R performance.

Finally let us mention that, with these engines customers can expect eco-friendly systems such as advanced stop-start, cylinder deactivation, 7-degree DSG gearbox so coasting function and so on. As far as the car body versions are expected to present all get their heirs in the Golf VIII.

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