2017 Land Rover Electric Release

What does this coming new when it comes to Land Rover? Most likely, it prepares the ground for the 2017 Land Rover Electric, would seem to be in some way a revolution in this domain vehicles. But slowly, let’s order some to go and see what happens. Recent reports from the Land Rover show how this British manufacturer prepares electrical performance model of Range Rover will be direct competition to the future Tesla’s Model X.

2017 Land Rover Electric side

2017 Land Rover Electric Concept

Although the Model X is still expected next fall is the fact that an increasing number of manufacturers recognize the importance and success of Tesla Motors and its products and must thus not be surprising that in the Land Rover had planned to offer a direct response in the segment in which they themselves are the best environment. This should mean that we expect a serious competitor who could almost be ahead of its competitors and usually it so happens that a student be better than his teacher.

2017 Land Rover Electric side side

This model should be something more than just electric version of the Range Rover, or standard of performance will vary private and individual styling details such as lower roofline, the new front end mask. This model would primarily supposed to be intended for some time to sposobbnostima that goes outside or on the field who has some difficult to reach for a regular car. Nevertheless, this SUV has the essence of the city with the characteristics of the area, but let’s wait to see the final decision and what it saves in this company.

2017 Land Rover Electric inside

Furthermore, this would be a novelty should be based on the aluminum construction of the next generation rangers vehicles adapted to the electrical drive or installing batteries and electric motors. In fact, most likely it will be a model to drive all four wheels and motors on the front and rear axle. This is as far as the materials that should be used in the making of this vehicle.

Every company strives to create a vehicle that it is easy and they may have a stronger engine and it’s a winning combination to reduce fuel consumption. On the one hand we get a vehicle which by design is not so much, but the other is easier in weight and therefore less strain on engine vehicles and fuel.

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